10 Kitchen Favorites


I thought it would be fun to share some of my Kitchen Favorites with all of you today.  Some are new and some I’ve had for years.  My kitchen is my favorite room in my home.  It is a place of family gatherings, good times with friends, cooking for others (one of my most favorite things to do) and for trying new recipes.  It is a place where I love to sit and have a cup of coffee or tea while reading, talking to friends on the phone or spending time with my family while we prepare a meal together.  The kitchen brings us together.  It is a place of community and culinary wellness.  It is where we prepare food to heal our bodies and our minds.  My kitchen is my haven.

10 of My Kitchen Favorites:

1.  Danish Wisk

I have recently taken up the science and art of making homemade sourdough bread and this whisk is the bomb!  It is a great kitchen tool for eggs, making bread or for any other task that requires a good whisk or stir.  I love the overall look and the smooth wooden handle.  I would recommend hand washing it instead of putting it in the dishttps://amzn.to/35EGj8mhwasher.  This gadget makes my heart sing and it would make a great gift for your kitchen loving friends or family!


2 & 3.  Regular & Petit Butter Crocks

We love grass-fed butter in my home and these crocks make it so easy to have fresh, soft butter anytime.  You just fill the crock about 1/3 full with cold, filtered water and then put soft butter in the bell.  When you close it, it creates a seal to keep the butter air tight and fresh.  I also love the petit butter crock.  I use this one for fresh herb butter!


4.  French Kitchen Marble Salt Cellar

We use a variety of different sea salts in our kitchen.  I love having easy access to the salt and this beautiful marble salt cellar is so well made.  It has a nice weight to it and it looks beautiful on the counter.  It also has an amazing price point.  I found this one at Crate & Barrel.


5.  French Salt Pig

What was that called?  A SALT PIG?????  Yep….it’s also made in France and it’s amazing too!  Not only is this a conversation starter on your kitchen counter, but it just magnificent looking and so well designed!  I keep my favorite sea salt (more on that in a moment) in this beauty.  You simply reach into it with your hand to access your salt….so easy to use when cooking.  It really is lovely and it would also make a fantastic gift.


6. Le Guerandais Gros Sel de Guerande- French Grey Sea Salt

Not all salt is alike!  Your taste buds will go wild after tasting this salt!!  This is the best unrefined sea salt that I have ever tried.  It is so great for vegetables, meats and salads, in homemade bread and as a finishing salt.  It’s incredible….you must try it!  It goes so well with the salt pig because this French grey salt has moisture to it.  The inside of the salt pig is unglazed which helps to keep the salt from sticking together.


7.  Olivewood Cutting Board

I love the grain in olivewood.   This was a great find from Marshalls. I have also noticed these at TJMaxx in the past.  I love to use it as a tray on my counter for my salts and butter crocks.  It makes a great decorative piece to display small kitchen necessities or even a small vase with dried or fresh flowers.


8.  Essential Oil Diffuser

I purchased this lovely essential oil diffuser on Amazon about three years ago and it is still going strong.  It comes with a remote control and it has different setting for the mist and the lights.  I have given this as a gift many times.  It is made from bamboo and it also has a timer.  I love using essential oils like lavender, orange and lemon in my kitchen!


9.  Glass Nesting Bowls

I have had a set of these bowls for over 20 years and a few years ago the largest one fell and broke.  This beautiful and useful set of bowls has been on my radar for a while and I decided to get another set.  Don’t worry…my old one will still be put to good use.  These bowls are also made in France…..there is a theme here isn’t there?!  They have a nice thickness and weight and a nice edge to help you grasp the bowl.  These can be found on Amazon or at Crate & Barrel.


10.  100% New Zealand Organic Dryer Balls

These organic dryer balls are a sustainable low cost option to toxic and chemical-laden dryer sheets.  This six pack will last for more than 1000 loads of laundry.  You can even place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on each wool ball to give your clothes and linens a fresh clean scent.

Well, that is all for now!  I hope you enjoyed this!  What have you been loving in your kitchen?  I would love to know here in the comments or on Instagram or even as a comment on my YouTube video!


To You In Good Health,



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