Low-Carb Cabbage, Fennel & Bacon Slaw with a Fried Egg

This delicious salad will be a hit for your family and friends!  It can be served as a main dish for lunch or dinner….(or heck, even breakfast), or it can be served as a side dish with or without the fried egg.

First combine the broccoli slaw, chopped coleslaw and red cabbage.  I purchased the ready-made broccoli and coleslaw from my produce department.  I chose a coleslaw cabbage mix that consisted of green cabbage, carrots and red cabbage.  I also purchased a head of red cabbage that I sliced and added to the mix for more color.


I have always loved the flavor of fennel and it is so delicious in salads.  It adds a delicious crunch and is a nice surprise to the pallet.

I coarsely chopped the fennel.

Then I gave a gentle toss to combine the vegetables.

Bacon!  Can you ever have enough bacon?!  I cooked up two pounds and then chopped it up into pieces.

Add the bacon.

Give it all another toss.

Then I added the garlic salt, course ground black pepper, olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Give it another toss!

I topped my salad with two fried eggs…cooked in the bacon grease.



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Low-Carb Bacon & Fennel Salad with a Fried Egg

Author Vanessa Wochner, Live The Life Nutrition


  • 12 ounces fresh broccoli slaw salad
  • 4 cups fresh cabbage slaw green cabbage, carrots and red cabbage mix
  • 2 cups red cabbage chopped
  • 2 cups fennel chopped
  • 2 lbs crispy bacon chopped
  • 1 tsp garlic salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper course ground
  • 3/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup Italian red wine vinegar
  • eggs 1-2 per person, if preferred


  1. Cook 2 lbs of bacon until crispy.  Set aside to cool.

  2. Combine the broccoli slaw, cabbage slaw and chopped red cabbage.

  3. Chop the fennel and add to the salad.

  4. Add the crispy bacon to the vegetables and gently toss.

  5. Add the garlic salt, black pepper, olive oil and red wine vinegar and toss again.

  6. Fry 1-2 eggs per person, if preferred, in the bacon grease and then gently place them on the top of each salad.