Quick & Easy Low Carb Chicken Wings

My family loves chicken wings.  Unfortunately, restaurants often prepare their wings with gluten containing breading and they fry them in highly processed, refined and rancid oils that wreak havoc on our body.  So, why not make them at home!  They are so easy to make and you’ll know exactly how they are being prepared.  They are great on a Friday night, easy to bring to a dinner party (and always a hit!) or they can be prepared after a busy day at work…..because they involve only a few steps. 

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Sprialized Daikon Radish Salad Bowl with Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

I love my sprializer and I was interested in finding a different vegetable to spiralize that would be somewhat like a rice noodle.  My husband and I were perusing the produce section of a local market that carries a wide variety of imported vegetables.  We came across the daikon radish and decided to give it a “twirl”!  I googled “spiralized daikon radish recipes” and came across one from Love and Lemons….check out their website!  They have amazing recipes!  I decided to make a version of their recipe with wild caught Alaskan salmon to make a delicious bowl of goodness.

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Low Carb/Keto Lettuce Shrimp Wraps with Homemade Taco Seasoning

Are You Still Using Packaged and Processed Taco Seasoning Packets??

Well if you are, you’ll never want to buy them again!  It’s so easy to make your own right from the seasonings in your own pantry!  One evening I wanted to add some taco seasoning to some ground beef and I didn’t have a packet.  So I grabbed some of the seasoning that I used to make chili and I created a wonderful, non-processed, chemical-free blend that tasted even better than the packets from the grocery store.

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