What Is Nutritional Therapy?

My role as a licensed Physical Therapist and certified Holistic Food & Health Practitioner/Educator/Health Coach is to provide and promote fitness and wellness information along with non-biased health and healthy eating information to friends, neighbors, associates, and the community.  I have the ability to educate the public on the cost/benefit of eating unprocessed, local, fresh, nutrient dense foods and quality nutritional products that support true health as well as lifestyle and environmental factors that can contribute to improved health. I am not, nor do I represent myself as a dietitian or nutritionist.

As a licensed Physical Therapist and certified Holistic Food & Health Practitioner I am able to do the following:

  • Promote a nutrient dense diet
  • Focus on Foundational Nutrition and Education about how to Balance the 6 Foundations of Health:
    • A Properly Prepared, Nutrient-Dense Diet, Whole Food Diet– Real food builds real health. A diet rich in nutrient-dense, properly prepared, whole foods is the ultimate foundation of optimal health.
    • Proper Digestion– You are what you absorb.  Eating a nutrient-dense diet is essential, but you must actually absorb the nutrients you eat to benefit from them.
    • Blood Sugar Balance- What goes up, must come down. Keeping your blood sugar stable provides stable energy and helps the body naturally balance weight.
    • Dietary Fats– Fats are required for stable energy, brain function, hormone balance, and satiety.
    • Minerals– Mighty Minerals. Minerals help build bones and lend a helping hand in balancing hormones and many key body processes.
    • Hydration– Water is life.  Life is water.  Water is the most important nutrient in the body, making up 60% of a human’s total body mass.
  • Teach ancestral eating principles
  • Promote and active lifestyle and advise proper and safe exercise

Services Offered:

The RESTART® Program- 75 minutes- $185.00 5-week group class in person

  • 5 week healthy eating group education
  • We will meet once a week to learn the basics of how food can either nourish or hurt your body
  • Built-in 3 week sugar detox to remove inflammatory foods and discover how good your body can feel
  • We will cover topics of digestion, blood sugar regulation and healthy fats
  • Small class size for maximum instructor and group support
  • Materials and handouts included

No refunds 7 days prior to class start date. No refunds or re-scheduling for missed individual classes.